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When it comes to your child’s education, of course you want the best. Private schooling offers an array of added benefits that other schooling options don’t.  Here we have listed just a few of the perks of enrolling your child into private school and making the switch to a more advanced education.

Individualized attention

Since private school is, well… private, there are no overcrowded class room and packed hallways. Public schools tend to over fill classrooms, making it so students don’t get the one on one attention they may need. With private school the class sizes are much smaller, allowing for more individualized learning for the students. The teachers are also able to get to know each student a little better, their learning style, and what teaching techniques they best respond to.

Tuition assistance programs

Private school can get a little pricey. As they are not given funding from the government or school district, all the funds for the school come from annual student tuition. Since the money for the school comes from the parents, they are given a little more say in how the school operates and uses the money. There are tuition assistance programs available to apply for that can help ease some of the financial burden. Most schools participate in fundraisers throughout the school year to help offset the cost of tuition; and if the particular school has a religious affiliation they can get some of their funding from donations from the religious organization as well.

Community involvement

In a lot of instances, private schools have a religious sponsor or affiliation of some kind. This is great if you share the same religious views as the school, or if you just want your child to attend a school that teaches good morals. Another added benefit to attending private school is the community involvement your child has the opportunity to be a part of. There are tons of service projects and various community outreach programs available to participate in. This is a great way to expose your child to areas within your community that may need a little extra attention and give them an opportunity to make a difference.

Enhanced extracurricular programs

In a normal sized school, it would be impossible for every student to be able to participate in all the sports teams or after school clubs they wanted to. Some students wouldn’t even be given the opportunity to participate in any at all with competitive try outs and limited number of spots available. Private schools being smaller in size afford their students the opportunity to participate in any, if not all, the extracurricular activities they want to be involved in. The students also have access to better equipment due to adequate funding.

There aren’t many downsides to enrolling your child in private school; but one of them is a lack of transportation. Since the school does not fall under the school district which supplies transportation, you are responsible for getting your child to a from school. However, the private school community provides such a sense of family that if this is an issue you can always join a carpool group. With private school, you are not only giving your child a better education, but you are also giving them a strong community in which to grow up.

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