When signing up to take classes, there has always been two options online or in person. Courses with these options leave the student open to making decisions that can affect them positively or negatively. There are many advantages and disadvantages to both choices. Before clicking that button on the registration sight think it through. Here are some of the positives of taking classes online.

No Traffic

The perk everyone loves is that you do not have to go anywhere to take the class. No one wants to spend part of their day driving when they have another option. All you must do is walk to your computer. Those that work full time or have a tight schedule already will appreciate the extra time they get ditching the commute. You can log in wherever you happen to be at the time of your class. The hardest part is remembering to log on at a set time if your professor does live sessions. Even though you physically do not go to class, it will still need to be a part of your weekly schedule.

Individual Work

Online classes can do their best to try and get you to interact with your classmates through live sessions and discussion posts, but most work will be individual. Since you do not come to campus, professors will typically plan all assignments to be done individually. Those that do not like group work or projects will love this perk of online classes. On the other hand, social butterflies like communicating with a group and studying in that setting will have to work harder in online courses.


You need to be very motivated when taking an online class. With the increase in online courses over the last few years, the professors’ methods have also changed. Instead of a set lecture time, some are uploading lectures for students to watch on their own time. This means students have more responsibility. Accomplishing assignments without prompting is another aspect. With meeting in person, you are responsible for checking and ensuring you are up to date on all classwork. Motivated students will have no problem and will do well taking an online course.


Taking classes from home and never having to step foot on a crowded campus is every introvert’s dream come true. Now you can get the education you want without being overstimulated by all the people who come with taking college classes. The chaos of large classroom settings can be very distracting. More thoughts can be spent on the interactions with others instead of the topic that is being taught. Introverts will succeed well being able to work from a comfortable location. While many introverts can do well attending an in-person class, it is often less enjoyable.

Online classes could be the best option for you if the above information fits your style. However, before signing up, make sure you know what you are getting into. It may be the best choice you’ve made for your education.

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