With all the advancements with online courses, many colleges have turned to them. They have to pack them with more students without having to worry about class size requirements. They also do not take the same amount of resources as classes that need a building and all that comes with it. While they are convenient, there are still many advantages to meeting in person for classes. It may be more beneficial for your education.


Those who need a little extra help to pay attention to a lecture may need to sit in front of the professor. It is harder to wander off when you are sitting at a desk in a classroom. Listening to a recorded lecture is never the same and listening in person. Having a set time in your schedule for class makes it easier to do it. Online courses give you the leeway of doing your work whenever you want. Some students do not do well with that freedom. Being able to interact also helps students stay engaged while learning the material. Questions can be answered when you have them instead of when the professor gets to your email.


Do you enjoy finding a study group and learning with others? This is not something that will happen easily in an online setting. However, when going to a campus, you meet the other students and can form groups to help master the material. Studying with others enables you to hear the topics from a different source which can help those with varying learning styles. If you can help teach the material to others, then you know that you have mastered it.


Do you love being with other people and socializing? Then you may be an extrovert. Going to a college campus for classes gives you another chance to socialize. Extroverts need outside stimulation to feel themselves. This is not something you can get from taking your courses at home. Being in a group and communicating with others is a great way to learn, and for extroverts, it could be the best possible option for getting an education.


Online students are welcome to use the campus resources just like every other student. The question is if they will. Being on campus makes it easy to take the time you use the library sources or meet with a tutor. While many of these things can be done online, having them put in your path on the way to class helps motivate students to use them. The more resources you use, the better your grades will be. There is also direct access to your professors. They have offices on campus and office hours. There is no need to wait for an email when you can meet in person after class.

Suppose any of the above sounds like something you need to succeed. Sign up for in-person classes instead of online courses. Get the proper education for your personality.

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