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It can be really scary seeing your kid grow up and knowing that they are going to be starting school soon. While most people think getting them ready for colors and shapes is the best way to prepare their child, the truth is that nothing is more important than their personality and work ethic. Here are just a few ideas to help prepare your child for school so they can have the best day and embrace opportunities for learning that will make all the difference in the world.

Be Well Liked

One of the best things you can do for your child is to make sure everyone likes them. This doesn’t mean being the best at a popularity contest, but it means having a child that respects their teachers and other children. If the teacher sees that your child is open and receptive to authority and to learning, they will spend more time and effort with your child which leads to a better educational experience. If you set your child up for success through learning manners and respect, it will take them far.

Having a Good Personality

Another great trait that goes hand-in-hand with manners is having a good personality and demeanor. Get your child ready to be in a group classroom setting by making sure that they play nicely with other children. Nothing is going to disrupt their learning and other children’s learning more than if the teacher and other authorities have to continually stop to parent your child. It is not the teacher’s job to parent; it is their job to educate. Make sure you are sending the best version of your child to school.

A Time for Work and a Time for Play

School is a great place to practice social skills, but the main priority is education and learning. If you instill in your child the importance of education and that while they’re at school it’s work time, they will keep better focus and stay on task. If you establish boundaries that school is for learning and playtime is for enjoyment, you’ve set up clear expectations of what is expected of them. Children that have clear boundaries thrive more at school, and in their future at a job.

Prepare Yourself

Be sure to take the time to prepare yourself for your kid going to school. This includes knowing and accepting that it might not always be easy, but you will make the commitment to put your child’s education and experience first. There may be parents that you do not get along with, but don’t let that get in the way of your kid being your priority.  Dealing with other people is just one of life’s challenges. Set up clear expectations for yourself and you will never be disappointed.

Preparing your child to head off to school can be stressful, but if you keep everything in perspective and focus on what is most important – your child’s education – you can set both of yourselves up for success.

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