Online programs have opened a door that was not there before. Now getting an education can be done from anywhere. Those that lived far from campus no longer have to travel. Those without flexible schedules can get the courses they need on their schedule. It has given them many more opportunities they did not have before. Just like all education paths, there are always issues that pop up. Some drawbacks need to be overcome by those who choose the online education path. 

Technical Issues

Technology has a mind of its own and sometimes can seem like there is no solution. Getting the right technology is the first step. One of the top rated laptops from last year in the HP Envy 13. Another loved option by students is Apple Macbook Air. Having something reliable to do your work on is half the battle. The other side is getting the most reliable internet for your area. Do your research on this before setting it up. Using a hotspot as a secondary source in case of issues is another way to deal with technical problems. The last thing you want is spotty service while taking an exam. 


Many need to remember the social aspect of going to college. We are meant to have some interaction with others. Working on group projects and interacting in a classroom are also learning experiences. Take advantage of online lectures, and interact with the professor and other students. You can interact through the computer like in a traditional classroom setting. Leave your home to study at the college or other places people gather. It is good to get out of the house and socialize a little.  


Watching an online lecture can be tricky with a house full of people or more enjoyable things to do. To eliminate distractions, you need to figure out what they are. Then find a way to eliminate each one. Set up a distraction-free space. This will be different for each learning type. And could take some trial and error to get the best setup. Let those you live with know what they can do to help you stay focused when doing schoolwork. Or leave your home to a place you will be forced to stay focused. 

Time Management 

No matter the type of schooling, time management can always be an issue. Setting time aside to study is something all students have to do. The extra challenge for online students is that if the lectures are not live, they must also set time aside to watch them. This can be difficult for those that are already struggling with time management. A schedule needs to be made and upheld. Have time set up for household duties and education duties. Once on a plan, you should find the tasks easier to stick to. 

Don’t let any of these issues stand in the way of your education. Find your way to overcome all these challenges before logging in to your first class.  

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