As a parent, you are always trying to help your child grow. This is not always an easy task. How do you get a child to turn off the TV and do something to exercise their body or mind? It is easier than you think. You need to make it into a game. Children love games. Why can’t learning be fun? It can! And there are many free resources to help make it a reality.

Sports Clubs

If you are less worried about your child’s academics and more concerned about them physically getting stronger, look into the Sports Programs. Many professional teams sponsor groups for local kids to get active. It just takes a little time to search to find one close to you. They are all a little different. Some offer tickets to games or swag for the kids to wear. This will help motivate them to learn the game better and try it themselves. Others put on camps and other activities to get kids moving. A site called, Hey It’s Free, has compiled a list to get your research started.

PBS Kids

PBS Kids makes learning fun. Many schools use this program to help motivate students to learn. It has educational videos that kids love to watch. These are so much better for them than mindlessly scrolling through videos on YouTube. Even some of their shows are available for free. The games are what most love about PBS kids. They make learning fun with interactive games. All the games are teaching them something but doing it in an exciting way that keeps them engaged. PBS also has a monthly subscription for $4.99 that opens more games and episodes of their educational shows.

National Geographic Kids

There is more to learn than just our letters and number. National Geographic Kids is here for those with kids that want to explore outside of the traditional lessons. They have free games and videos about every animal a child could imagine. Explore their sight they can find activities in science and history to keep their minds reaching. This site is one that you will be happy to let your kids explore for hours on end. Everything they find will increase their imagination want to learn about the world around them. Parents that want their child to have less screen time should investigate the National Geographic Kids monthly magazines. Have the fun sent right to your door.

Board Games

Board games are not all just about having fun. There are many focused on improving math skills, reading skills, and more. Take the time to read through this list of the seventeen best educational board games. Some may be hiding in your game cupboard. Or order a few that you think will be the best for your family. Instead of turning on a movie on a Friday night, pull out a board game.

Make learning fun and engaging for children so they will grow up loving to learn.

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