It’s 2021 and homeschool still has a negative reputation. Ditch the antiquated notion that homeschool children are socially awkward and learning less. Here are some of the best homeschool curriculums available.


K12 is an online, tuition free public school option. It’s taught by state- certified teachers. In addition to the free public school option, there are also three private school options (these require tuition), summer school intensives and standalone classes your child can take to explore their interests.

K12 provides a lot of options for customizing your child’s education. If you’re wanting homeschooling resources, you can use K12’s Digital Literary Solutions library with over 21,000 books. There are also a lot of free camps offered with focuses in coding, marketing, and IT. Overall, there are options for anyone looking to pursue a non-traditional education experience for their children.


If you’re looking for a homeschool program that is 100% online, Time4Learning is a great option. It offers a comprehensive, subscription based learning program. For $20-$30 a month and $15 for each additional child, this program provides the most traditional learning experience in a homeschool setting.

Animated video lessons, quizzes, worksheets, activities and tests will ensure your student stays on grade level with your state’s learning standards. 

Connections Academy

Connections Academy is a tuition free option for homeschooling. This program is similar to K12 in the sense that state certified teachers will be teaching your children remotely. It offers extra socialization support in the form of online clubs and other peer activities. While you won’t be physically teaching your children, this program highly encourages parents to be an active partner by taking on the role of ‘Learning Coach’.

Your children will also still be able to participate in traditional school experiences like career counseling, standardized test prep, guidance counselor sessions and college prep.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy is best known for their high quality, free standardized test prep materials. They make standardized testing and resources for AP classes easy to find and utilize in this program. They’ve also recently expanded their coursework to include home school resources. The best part? They have free classes for adults too!


CK-12 is a great option for those who want their child’s education to put more emphasis on math and science. An article written by Sarah Bradley for states, “If you’d like your child to beef up their math and science skills, look no further than the wealth of interactive learning tools at the CK-12 Foundation. This free resource offers one of the best online homeschool programs for STEM subjects. It’s also one of the most advanced resources available in terms of its seamless use of technology and cutting-edge approaches to learning. While writing, spelling, and social studies are available, math and science topics (from arithmetic and earth science to calculus and engineering) are where CK-12’s creative curriculum really shines.”

Homeschooling and online education have come a long way in recent years. Consider giving it a try!

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