Thanks to Covid, online learning has become more common. Despite its challenges, there are simple changes you can make to ensure your success. Use the following tips to crush online learning.

Keep to a Schedule

Online learning is easiest when you keep to a schedule. Put together a weekly calendar as well as a monthly one. Write down your class schedule, times when you need to study or do homework, your work schedule, and any other appointments or engagements you may have. This will make it clear to you when you’ll have time to focus on your schooling.

Designate a Study Space

A dedicated study space is very important. Katrina Hatchett, a writer for states, “Your study area should be conducive to your learning. Ensure that you have both sufficient lighting to avoid eye strain and a comfortable chair and desk to avoid any discomfort. Choose a space that is quiet and where there are few distractions and chances that you will be interrupted.”

Set Yourself Up for Success

Success doesn’t just happen. You can’t log on to your online learning platform when you’ve barely slept and haven’t eaten and expect to excel. Start your day off by preparing to learn. A good night’s sleep plus a healthy and filling meal before class are easy things you can do to help focus your mind.

Stay Organized

Another way to help ensure your online learning success is to get organized. Make sure you have all necessary learning materials before your class. Additionally, make sure your schedule is organized so you have time to study. When you prepare well for each class, you’re giving yourself the best chance at being successful. It’s worth the extra effort!

Study Breaks

Study breaks are extremely important. Experts advise a short break after every 15 minutes of intense concentration. Short pockets of study will prevent burnout. Your brain functions better and retains more information when you study this way.

Reward Yourself

If a reward will provide extra motivation for you to get your work done, feel free to bribe yourself! These rewards can big, small, short-term or long-term. You can reward yourself for reading a chapter of your textbook by getting a snack or watching your favorite TV show. You could also reward yourself for getting an A in your class by taking yourself out to dinner, or going on a weekend getaway. Do whatever helps motivate you.

Be an Active Participant

Online learning can leave students feeling distant and removed from their classmates and teacher. It can be more of a challenge to connect with both your peers and the learning material. In order to ensure you’re getting the most of your courses, make sure you’re actively participating. Take the time to read and respond to other people’s work. Contribute regularly, ask questions and help your peers when you can.

Online learning has the potential to be challenging. However, using these tips will help you succeed.

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